We are delighted to present to you today a new digital distributor and partner of Most Wanted Music : MusicDiffusion! Discover this new pure player music distribution platform designed for independent artists and labels.

With MusicDiffusion, you can now distribute, sell your music and earn money online with just a few clicks easily. This is clearly the best deal available on the market ! No annual fees, no subscription like its competitors, but a single payment of € 2.99 for each track you distribute or € 15.99 for the unlimited plan ! You are then paid 90% of the royalties generated from your music on more of 200 digital services (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam…)! No exclusivity, no problems.


A team of experts is at your service, and help you at every step of the process to distribute your music or whenever you need it! In MusicDiffusion, other artistic services are also offered, as the mastering of your tracks, the creation of your cover and your website or music promotion services! That's not all: since MusicDiffusion is now a partner of our label Most Wanted Music for its “Publishing Administration” our teams are also in charge of seeking placement and licensing opportunities from our many clients and partners to enable independent artists from MusicDiffusion to increase their incomes and reach a wider audience!

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