We are proud to present you today a new division of Most Wanted Music: MusicDiffusion®! Discover our pure player music distribution platform pure designed for indie artists and labels!

With MusicDiffusion®, you can now distribute, sell your music and earn money completely online and in a few clicks. We have the best offer! No annual fees, or subscription as our competitors, but only a single payment of 2,99 € for each track that you distribute with us. You are then paid 90% of the royalties generated from your music on more of 150 digital services (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam…)! No exclusivity, no problems.
A team of experts is at your service, and help you at every step of the process to distribute your music or whenever you need it! At MusicDiffusion®, we also offer other artist services, as the mastering of your tracks, the creation of your cover or even your website for free with our exclusive application!! That's not all: MusicDiffusion®, as a division of our Most Wanted Music label, is also in charge to seek opportunities of investment and/or licenses with our many customers and partners to enable artists from MusicDiffusion® to increase their revenues and reach a wider audience!

Join our community of independent artists now, create your MusicDiffusion® account for free!

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