After Amir, and his track “J’ai cherché” réalisé par notre équipe de songwriters est arrivé 6e à l’Eurovision 2016, the music band We Are I.V – discovered and signed on Most Wanted Music – réalise la chanson de l’édition 2017 that we propose you to discover without delay!

It is the french new singer Alma, Alexandra Maquet is her real name, who has been selected to represent the France in this big contest.

43 countries competing

The contest will be held this year in Kyiv, in Ukraine, the 13 th may, and will be broadcast live on french TV France 2. Forty-three countries will be competing. The evening will be hosted again this year by Marianne James and Stéphane Bern.

“Requiem”, a dancing track

Alma is 28 years. She is a singer, pianist, author and composer. And did business studies, before devoting herself to music. To defend the colors of France, She will sing her single “Requiem”, a dancing and oriental smash hit.

Her first album will also be released the next 5 th may.

“I am very honored”

“I am honored to have been chosen to represent the France in the Eurovision Song Contest. And I hope I can count on the support of the public”, has said the young singer in a statement.