For its 10 years, Most Wanted Music évolue en créant de nouvelles marques et embrasse les nouvelles technologies dans un groupe résolument à 360°.

Since 2008, Most Wanted Music emerged in the music scene as one of the most notable french independent label.. Founded by the Dj/producer Kylian Mash for the production and the publishing of its own musical projects – and thus retain his artistic freedom – il y forme rapidement au fil des années une talentueuse équipe créative à ses cotés afin de faire face aux nombreuses solicitations des majors du disque pour la réalisation de leurs projets.
The studio, at the origin of many smash hits, has quickly established itself in many musical styles: from electro, hiphop, to pop music, while imposing his own artists on the airwaves and the charts.
In 10 years, Most Wanted Music has already succeed many challenges: have been able to evolve and make profits every year since its creation in an crisis industry, but also, to be able to identify, form and bring success many talents as a music producer, and music publisher.
To be ready with the 10 next years, Most Wanted Music is evolving today to what seems to be for us a true 360° studio with new brands:


Our music streaming platform allowing users to find and listen, mais aussi d’avoir d’avoir accès aux paroles et videos de leurs chansons preférées sur la même application. Our smart radios make them discover new tracks corresponding to their style.


Notre plateforme B2B de distribution musicale permettant à notre communauté d’artistes indépendants de distribuer leur musique et de collecter leurs royalties sur toutes les plateformes musicales en bénéficiant du réseau Most Wanted Music. Ainsi que de nombreux services exclusifs – tel que la création gratuite de site internet – entirely online.